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Each issue will include an editorial on a topic that is important for the profession of pharmacy, as well as a review of a new drug that includes a comparison of the new drug with previously marketed drugs that are most similar in activity, and a New Drug Comparison Rating (NDCR) for the new drug. Read on for this month's issue.

December 2011 Issue
"I Never Told Her"
New therapeutic agents marketed in the United States in 2011
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"I Never Told Her"
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My mother, Anna Hussar, died in her sleep on Christmas morning at the age of 97. Going to heaven was the best possible Christmas present she could have received. She was an extraordinary woman who had a strong faith and was committed to serve others. Although her physical activities were limited, she maintained an active "ministry" of encouraging others through her cards and phone calls. Even in her death she continued giving, having made a decision decades earlier to contribute her body for medical research. Her abilities and clarity of thinking were reflected by her playing her favorite game, Scrabble, until just three days before her death. She had lived in our home with my wife, Sue, and me since June, and we will continue to value that experience.

A hospice nurse responded promptly to our telephone call and confirmed my mother's death. Shortly thereafter, a funeral director arrived to take her body for the research program. Many weeks before, we had planned that our children and their families would celebrate Christmas at our home, and that they would be arriving mid-afternoon. Our son Eric, his wife Terra, and their four young children were the first to arrive. About 20 minutes after their arrival and our initial greetings, I realized that I had not seen our oldest grandchild, 5-year old Alex, since they first arrived. I asked his 4-year old brother Wesley if he knew where Alex was and he responded that Alex was sad that Nana died and was in her room. I went into her room and found Alex lying on her hospital bed. I tried to encourage him and, through tears, he responded, "Nana was a really good friend but I never told her."

I was struck by the sensitivity of this statement by a 5-year old. Even though I had known that my mother was in her final days, his comment made me realize that there were things that I should have told her, but had not. I have thought of my grandson's comment often with the realization that I have been too busy to take the time to provide the amount of love and encouragement that I should to my mother, other family members, and friends, particularly during times of need. I like to think that the activities that keep me so busy are of great importance and of value to others. But it takes a situation such as a death and the sensitivity of a 5-year old to make me realize that my rationalization is a weak excuse for failing to recognize the things that are most important.

I must do better in expressing appreciation to those whose love and friendship have been of value to me, and in providing encouragement and support for those I am in a position to help. If my mother had a concern about our family, it was that we were always very busy. It is ironic that her advice that I did not take seriously while she was living has captured my attention upon her death.

Daniel A. Hussar

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With this issue we mark the completion of the sixth year of publication of The Pharmacist Activist. The index for this volume is at the bottom of this web page and all issues are available online (www.pharmacistactivist.com). NEWS-Line Publishing produces this newsletter at its cost, and I wish to express my personal appreciation to Jeff Zajac, John Buck, and Patrick Polli for their expertise in preparing the issues. I also wish to express my deep appreciation to the friend who has provided the financial support for The Pharmacist Activist because of his commitment to advance the profession of pharmacy through stimulation of discussion/debate on important issues and challenges.

The numerous thoughtful and informative communications from readers provides the motivation to continue with this initiative to address the issues that are of the greatest importance for the profession of pharmacy, as well as to provide objective and practical information regarding new drugs. I also appreciate the level of interest in the content of The Pharmacist Activist that has resulted in certain of the editorials being included in other publications and used in classroom discussions in some colleges of pharmacy. Some pharmacy organizations forward the publication to their members, and individual readers have forwarded copies to pharmacist colleagues and pharmacy students. The Pharmacist Activist continues to be available free-of-charge via email to any interested pharmacist or student pharmacist.

Best wishes for a healthy and enjoyable new year!

Daniel A. Hussar

New therapeutic agents marketed in the
United States in 2011
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marketed in the United States in 2011

Index for Volume 6, 2011
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